Why Does Asila Love Orange Blossom Water?

My memories of Orange Blossom Water began with my childhood. 

Me and mother would go to Morocco during the summer holidays, the 6 week school holiday break was the right amount of time to take in as much of my culture as I possibly could.

If you ever visited Morocco you would know hospitality and welcoming guests in your home was an important and special occasion amongst the Moroccan people regardless of your status. Whether it's lunch or dinner you would be offered a feast, even families living in extreme poverty would literally give you their last bit of food with a great big smile on their face. 

Before and after your meal, the host will come in with a tray and a pot that looks like a kettle or tea pot and soap and they will go to every guest individually and wash their hands. After your host rinsed your hands, they would sprinkle the Orange Blossom water on you like perfume.

Ohhhh the scent! Brings me only memories of happy days in Morocco. But unfortunately this tradition is slowly fading away. 

In Morocco Orange Blossom Water is traditionally used as perfume aswell as Moroccan desserts, however, Orange Blossom Water has also got skin benefits too! Packed with Vitamin C, it will restore collagen as well as firm sagging skin, balances your complexion as it will brighten any dark spots, and traps in mositure keeping your skin hydrated all day.

Too me it wasn't a choice to introduce the Moroccan Orange Blossom water, I had too.

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