The Birth of Rosehip & Vitamin E Face Oil

Hey, lovely souls! Today, I'm taking you on a journey back to where it all began – the creation of our beloved Rosehip & Vitamin E Face Oil. 🌹💧

Back when the world was grappling with lockdowns due to Covid, I found myself at home, juggling life with three amazing kids. Being a mom is a beautiful journey, but it was getting a tad overwhelming, and I felt the need to do something just for me, something I truly enjoyed.

With a treasure trove of DIY skincare wisdom handed down by my mom, I decided it was time to craft something uniquely mine. 🌿

Rosehip was all the rage at the time, and for good reason – its incredible benefits were impossible to ignore. I knew I wanted to create something special, something that combined the goodness of various oils into one. And let's not forget my love affair with Vitamin E, especially during my pregnancy! 

A few other carefully chosen ingredients, and a sprinkle of rose petals (okay, maybe more than a sprinkle – I got a bit carried away! 😅), and voila, Rosehip & Vitamin E Face Oil was born. 


I wasn't just looking to offer a great product; I wanted it to be a visual delight too.

I shared samples with friends and family, and the response was overwhelming – everyone loved it! That's when I knew I was onto something truly special.

Today, this little bottle of goodness is a testament to the love and passion that went into creating it. It's a reminder that sometimes, amidst life's chaos, we can carve out our own moments of beauty and self-care. 🌹

Thank you for being part of this beautiful journey with us. Stay tuned for more stories and secrets from the heart of Asila. 🌿

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