Skincare Myth #2 - Does Your Skin Really Sleep During The Night?

It's that time again where we set the record straight on skincare myths that have been circulating for too long!


Have you heard the myth that your skin goes to sleep at night? Well that's not true. While you sleep, your skin actually goes into a natural repair and regeneration mode! That means it's hard at work repairing any damage from the day, like pollution or sun exposure. So, while your snoozing, your skin is busy repairing itself. Pretty amazing!


And there's more.... your skin is more receptive to nourishing ingredients while you rest. The natural barrier function of your skin weakens at night, therefore allowing the ingredients to penetrate deeper into your skin and start working on your skin quicker.



Some advice to you is don't neglect your night time skincare routine! It's just as important as your daytime routine to support your skin's natural functions and keep you glowing.

They don't call it beauty sleep for no reason  😉

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